sciprint — A C gateway function which displays standard messages to the user (same profil as the C printf function)

Calling Sequence

void sciprint(format,value_1,..,value_n)



a char* string. Specifies a character string combining literal characters with conversion specifications.


Specifies the data to be converted according to the format parameter (%s, %d, ...).


This C gateway function provides the capabilities to display messages to the Scilab user. Basically; it emulates the C language printf function. You must include sciprint.h to benefit from this function. This header is provided in the output_stream module (this directory should be included by default).

Note that if you want to trigger an error, the function Scierror is more appropriate.


In this example, the C gateway function prints several messages illustrating the use of the sciprint function in the Scilab console.

#include <stack-c.h>
#include <sciprint.h>

int sci_mysciprint(char * fname)
  sciprint("printing an integer: %d\n", 1);
  sciprint("printing a double:   %f\n", 2.1);
  sciprint("printing a string:   %s\n", "test");

  return 0;

See Also

printf_conversion, printf, Scierror