ilib_compile — ilib_build utility: executes the Makefile produced by ilib_gen_Make

Calling Sequence

libn=ilib_compile(lib_name,makename [,files,ldflags,cflags,fflags,cc])



a character string, the generic name of the library without path and extension.


character string. The path of the Makefile file without extension.


optionnal vector of character strings. If files is given the make is performed on each target contained in files then a whole make is performed


character string. The path of the actual generated shared library file.


character strings to provide options/flags for the loader, the C compiler, the Fortran compiler. cc provides the name of the compiler.


Utility function used by ilib_build

This executes the Makefile produced by ilib_gen_Make, compiles the C and fortran files and generates the shared library.

Shared libraries can then be used with the link and addinter Scilab function for incremental/dynamic link.

Note that a compiler must be available on the system to use this function.

See Also

addinter , link , ilib_build , ilib_gen_Make , ilib_gen_gateway , ilib_gen_loader , ilib_for_link , api_scilab