RAND_m — Random generator

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This block is a random wave generator: each output component takes piecewise constant random values. Every time an event is received on the input event port, the outputs take new independent random values.

Output port size is given by the size of A and B matrices.

Dialog box

  • Datatype(1=real double 2=complex)

    It indicates the type of the output. It support only the two types double (1) and complex (2). If we input another entry in this label Scicos will print the message "Datatype is not supported".

    Properties : Type 'vec' of size 1.

  • flag

    0 or 1.

    0 for uniform distribution on [A,A+B].

    1 for normal distribution.

    Properties : Type 'vec' of size 1.

  • A


    Properties : Type 'mat' of size [-1,-2].

  • B


    Properties : Type 'mat' of size [-1,-2].

  • seed


    Seed value for a sequence of random number.

    First number is for the real part and the second for the imaginary part.

    Properties : Type 'mat' of size [1,2].

Default properties

  • always active: no

  • direct-feedthrough: no

  • zero-crossing: no

  • mode: no

  • regular outputs:

    - port 1 : size [1,1] / type 1

  • number/sizes of activation inputs: 1

  • number/sizes of activation outputs: 0

  • continuous-time state: no

  • discrete-time state: yes

  • object discrete-time state: no

  • name of computational function: rndblk_m

Interfacing function

  • SCI/modules/scicos_blocks/macros/Sources/RAND_m.sci

Computational function

  • SCI/modules/scicos_blocks/src/c/rndblk_m.c

  • SCI/modules/scicos_blocks/src/c/rndblkz_m.c


  • Fady Nassif INRIA

  • Ramine Nikoukhah INRIA