Partie XXXVIII. Interface avec Java

Table des matières

Compile and run with javasci — How to compile a Java application using Javasci
javasci — Call Scilab engine from a Java application
javasci.SciBoolean — Class to use boolean object with scilab
javasci.SciBooleanArray — Class to use boolean matrix in Scilab.
javasci.SciComplex — Class to use complex object with scilab
javasci.SciComplexArray — Class to use complex matrix in Scilab.
javasci.SciDouble — Class to use double object with scilab
javasci.SciDoubleArray — Class to use real matrix in Scilab.
javasci.SciInteger — Class to use integer object with scilab
javasci.SciIntegerArray — Class to use int matrix in Scilab.
javasci.SciString — Map a Java String into a Scilab string.
javasci.SciStringArray — Classe to use String matrix in Scilab.
javasci.Scilab — This class provides the basic methods to execute Scilab code and scripts.
javasci FAQ — The frequently asked questions