Partie XV. Interface graphique

Table des matières

1. Tree
uiConcatTree — Concatenation of Trees
uiCreateNode — Creation of node (for Scilab Tree)
uiCreateTree — Creation of a Tree
uiDeleteNode — Deletion in a Tree
uiDisplayTree — Printing a Tree in GUI mode
uiDumpTree — Printing a Tree in the console (text mode)
uiEqualsTree — Comparing two trees
uiFindNode — Find node in Tree
uiGetChildrenNode — Get Children of a node
uiGetNodePosition — Get the position(s) of a node
uiGetParentNode — Get Parent of a node
uiInsertNode — Insertion in a Tree
exportUI — Appel de l'interface graphique d'export.
getvalue — boîte de dialogue de saisie de paramètres
root_properties — Description des propriétés de l'objet root.
x_choices — boîte de dialogue permettant de choisir des articles parmi plusieurs options
x_choose — boîte de dialogue permettant de faire des choix
x_dialog — boîte de dialogue
x_mdialog — boîte de dialogue pour la saisie de paramètres
x_message_modeless — boîte de dialogue non modale
about — show "about scilab" dialog box
addmenu — interactive button or menu definition
clipboard — Copy and paste strings to and from the system clipboard.
close — close a figure
delmenu — interactive button or menu deletion
figure — create a figure
findobj — find an object with specified property
gcbo — Handle of the object whose callback is executing.
getcallbackobject — Return the handle of the object whose callback is executing.
getinstalledlookandfeels — returns a string matrix with all Look and Feels.
getlookandfeel — gets the current default look and feel.
messagebox — Open a message box.
printfigure — Opens a printing dialog and prints a figure.
printsetupbox — Display print dialog box.
progressionbar — Draw a progression bar
setlookandfeel — sets the current default look and feel.
setmenu — interactive button or menu activation
toolbar — show or hide a toolbar
toprint — Send text or figure to the printer.
uicontrol — create a Graphic User Interface object
uigetcolor — Opens a dialog for selecting a color.
uigetdir — dialog for selecting a directory
uigetfile — dialog window to get a file(s) name(s), path and filter index
uigetfont — Opens a dialog for selecting a font.
uimenu — Create a menu or a submenu in a figure
uiputfile — Open standard dialog box for selecting and saving file.
unsetmenu — interactive button or menu or submenu de-activation
usecanvas — Get/Set the main component used for Scilab graphics.
waitbar — Draw a waitbar
x_choose_modeless — interactive window choice (not modal dialog)
x_matrix — Xwindow editing of matrix