Chapitre 8. Programming xcos Blocks

Table des matières

1. C Computational Functions
C_macros — Utilities C macros
C_struct — C Block structure of a computational function
C_utils — Utilities C functions
2. Scilab Computational Functions
sci_struct — Scicos block structure of a scilab computational function
3. Utilities Functions
curblock — Return the current called xcos block during the simulation
getblocklabel — Get the label of a scicos block
getscicosvars — Supervisor utility function
phase_simulation — Get the current simulation phase
pointer_xproperty — Get the type of a continuous time state variable
scicos_time — Returns the current time during simulation
set_blockerror — set the block error number
set_xproperty — Set the type of a continuous time state variable

1. C Computational Functions