uiConcatTree — Concatenation of Trees

Calling Sequence

concatenatedTree = uiConcatTree(tree1, tree2)

Input parameters

tree1, tree2

are of type Tree

Output parameters


a Tree, which is the concatenation of tree1 and tree2


Concatenation will return a tree which is the concatenation of the first tree with the second one. The concatenation will took place at the parent level of the first tree.


// We should create nodes(subTrees) before creating trees	
leaf11 = uiCreateNode('leaf 1.1', 'iconLeaf1.1', 'callbackLeaf1.1')
leaf12 = uiCreateNode('leaf 1.2', 'iconLeaf1.2', 'callbackLeaf1.2')
leaf21 = uiCreateNode('leaf 2.1', 'iconLeaf2.1', 'callbackLeaf2.1')
leaf22 = uiCreateNode('leaf 2.2', 'iconLeaf2.2', 'callbackLeaf2.2')
node1 = uiCreateNode('Node 1', 'iconNode1', 'callbackNode1')
node2 = uiCreateNode('Node 2', 'iconNode2', 'callbackNode2')
root = uiCreateNode('Root', 'iconRoot', 'callbackRoot')

myTree1 = uiCreateTree(node1, leaf11, leaf12)
myTree2 = uiCreateTree(node2, leaf21, leaf22)

concatTree = uiConcatTree(myTree1, myTree2)


See Also

uiCreateNode , uiCreateTree , uiDisplayTree , uiDumpTree , uiInsertNode , uiDeleteNode , uiEqualsTree , uiFindNode , uiGetParentNode , uiGetChildrenNode , uiGetNodePosition