uiCreateNode — Creation of node (for Scilab Tree)

Calling Sequence

myNode = uiCreateNode(label[, icon[, callback]])

Input parameters


a string matrix which gives the label of the nodes.

icon (optional)

a string matrix which gives the icon image of the nodes.

callback (optional)

a string matrix which gives the callback instruction of the nodes.

Output parameters


a node of type Tree


Creates a node(a node or a leaf) of type Tree.


leaf11 = uiCreateNode('leaf 1.1', 'iconLeaf1.1', 'callbackLeaf1.1')
leaf12 = uiCreateNode('leaf 1.2', 'iconLeaf1.2', 'callbackLeaf1.2')
leaf31 = uiCreateNode('leaf 3.1', 'iconLeaf3.1', 'callbackLeaf3.1')
leaf32 = uiCreateNode('leaf 3.2', 'iconLeaf3.2', 'callbackLeaf3.2')
node1 = uiCreateNode('Node 1', 'iconNode1', 'callbackNode1')
node2 = uiCreateNode('Node 2', 'iconNode2', 'callbackNode2')
node3 = uiCreateNode('Node 3', 'iconNode3', 'callbackNode3')
root = uiCreateNode('Root', 'iconRoot', 'callbackRoot')

See Also

uiCreateTree , uiDisplayTree , uiDumpTree , uiInsertNode , uiDeleteNode , uiConcatTree , uiEqualsTree , uiFindNode , uiGetParentNode , uiGetChildrenNode , uiGetNodePosition